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New beta released!

Posted December 19, 2008. By Lauri

Hey all!

It's time for a new beta for you all! :p
This time around, much has been done to the mod... In addition to Gondor, Rhun are considered done, which means you can do head on battles with two complete factions! For the record, I'd say that Rohan is above 60%, if not 70%! A couple of heroes and a single unit missing, that's all... Means it's playable, but lacks heroes to lead them.. but spam units and that shouldn't be a problem :D

Go here to access the download page, or click here for a direct download.

I hope you'll enjoy the beta, and I really hope you won't forget two important things about it;
Report bugs here
Suggest suggestions here

And of course, if for some reason you can't get it to work, simply post in this thread, and I'll help you as good as I can :mad2:

Anyways, that's it folks! Again, I hope you enjoy it, as it's my Christmas present to you all, even if you don't celebrate! ;)


Forth Eorlingas!

Posted October 19, 2008. By Lauri


This is the 4th Rohan update in a row! Woohoo for that :p

Anyways, I've got more screens for you ;)

Posted Image Posted Image

Not Knights enough for you? Well, they are for me :p And yeah, the render for the ram is bugged... It would be hell to get a real render working, so if it looks weird, it is :D
What? There's a new layout on the pictures? Well, of course there are! ;)
I do hope the new layout on the renders makes it better for you to see the renders ;)
They are after all smaller and less in size than the previous ones, and shouldn't be filling up the screens for any unlucky guy ;)

Yup, that should leave about 4 more things to do before Rohan is done ;)
Or, 3 actually, since one hero is a Royal Guard, and they'll use the same skin... excluding heads of course ;)

And for those who have played the beta, I'll tell you that I've now fixed the Kingdom of Gondor spell (and thus Rally the Mark).. The power to allows you to build troops from around the real of Gondor (and Rohan)... ;)

And as a last note... The chances are high for another release by Christmas ;) It's about 2 and a half months left, and I'm certain I can get to finish Rohan and Rhun by that time ;) By finish, I don't necessary mean bug-free :p

But there is a little problem concerning Rhun.. It still lacks a power in it's spellbook... Anyone wanna find up a nice power for a first tier? ;) You can go here to see what the other powers are, and think up another one.. No, I would like it to keep Heal out of it :p

Thats all, thank you for reading, or just watching the topic :p


And a red dawn

Posted October 5, 2008. By Lauri

Hey all and nobody

It's time for another small update that could have been in the showoff, but I've got extra news besides the new kid :xcahik_:

Posted Image

Haven't you seen him before you ask? Yes you have... I've just redone him ;) He was a piece of bad art before, but I've made him more pretty... Yeah, sure I've taken Eomers armor and given it to him, but that doesn't really bother me at all :D

Also, as another note, the website has been improved, IMO.. :umad:
On the Media page, the screens and renders are now in the cool thickbox format thingy... If you don't know what it is, go there and click on a pic :p
This also goes for each factions own page ;) Click a pic, enlarge to big pic without opening up a new page ;)

edit: I've also been thinking about decreasing the size of the big renders... Even my connection takes time to load them, and my connection used to be fast (that's a couple of years ago now though.. :p)

Anyways, that's all... Hopefully I'll get back with his troops in the near future ;)


Now for ruin

Posted September 13, 2008. By Lauri

Again, a small update concerning Rohan..

Militia, and Archers are done...
Posted Image Posted Image
Yes, you can see that I've been a little bit of lazy, but that doesn't really bother me at all ^_^
I'd just like to get most of Rohan done, so that perhaps another beta can be along shortly :p

You know what this means?
In about two weeks, I've done 2\3 of the main men of Rohan :p
I've started on the Captain, and the Ram shouldn't be to big a job..
The only thing that will require me at my best, is the Royal Guard :grin: And after that, the Royal Guard hero shouldn't be much of a problem ^_^

When their all done, I'm only missing a hero, and two units, then Rohan is done :p Or, at least as far as I've planned...
Remember, if you want a unit you'd like to see in this list, don't forget to tell me :)
That's all, have a nice weekend ;)


Now for wrath

Posted September 7, 2008. By Lauri

And a red dawn!

Another update... I just thought it had been to long since last one :p

Posted Image Posted Image

Yeah, only two units!
Still though, this means that Rohan can go quite fast, since they have most of the skins already ;)
Okay, so there might just be a couple of units that I haven't done that will get these skins, but that's better than nothing :blink:
And with the Rohirrim Cavalry in order, there's only one thing left to say...

Gondor is DONE!

No more summon old Rohirrim! :xd:
Yeah, well bugs there are.. but hey, I can't find them all myself :p


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