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The Return of the King

Posted August 9, 2022. By Lauri




After a short 8-11 year hiatus, and nearly 14 years since the latest release of The 4th Age, the Age of Men is approaching. If you're new to this mod, here's a short summary: Roughly 200 years has passed since the Fall of Sauron, and the Age of Men has come. The New Shadow looms, and peace between the Men of the West and the Men of the East and South has shattered once again. The strength of the East and South is massive, and both Gondor and Rohan are pushed back from their territory. You may play as Gondor, Rohan, Rhûn or Harad, with new heroes, units, abilities and spells. The mod retains the core gameplay of BFME1.


Here are a few pictures to enjoy, a mixture of both older and newer models. Read on after the pictures for informations about my plans going forward.




Fell deeds awake.


Now for wrath,


now for ruin,


and the red dawn.



When I left the mod and the modding community 8 years ago, the mod had gotten quite a lot done since the 0.7 beta. In fact, when I suddenly felt an urge to return to the mod a couple of months ago to complete the mod, or at least update it to work on the newest 1.06 community patch, I was surprised at how "little" was left to do on Gondor and Rohan, specifically.


Thus a motivational surge was kindled, and a lot of coding has already been completed during this summer. However, coding is also where most of the work left to do remains, and you probably won't get a lot of updates on new or updated models going forth, which is usually what's easiest to show off. I am kind of a perfectionist, so there is a lot of old models I would like to remake (I've seen how far the art in this community has come, and I want in). However, I would much rather be able to release the mod in a fun, functional and "as-bugfree-as-possible" state to you as soon as possible, and save potensial upgrades on the art department for after an initial release.


Therefore, the release plan is as following:

  • 0.8: I want to launch the next beta when Gondor, Rohan and Rhûn are considered complete, while keeping Harad on the backburner. The reason for this is quite simple:
    • Gondor and Rohan are both roughly 98% complete, including functional AI.
    • Rhûn is roughly 95% complete, but that excludes AI. However, adding a functional AI to Rhûn should go along quite quickly when those remaining 5% are finished. I also don't have any problems with releasing this version without AI for Rhûn if that drastically reduces the time it takes to get it released.
    • Harad is maybe around 40% done. They have their basic units and most buildings in-game already, along with a new spell, so you'll be able to play around with them in-game, but they are far from being complete.
  • 1.0: Apart from potential bugfixing patches, 1.0 will be the next release thereafter, with a fully operational Harad also included in the mix, thus completing the original design of the mod.
  • 1.1: A new round of bugfixing is likely to happen, along with balance changes.

While I make no guarantees, this is the plan I'm working towards. I'm pretty confident that 0.8 will be released within a few months or the end of the year, with or without Rhûn's AI, and after that I will simply have to see if I'm up for doing Harad as well. By the way, voice acting isn't included when I say a faction is "complete". I've enjoyed my summer vacation immensely working on this, but my job starts again tomorrow, and I won't be able to keep up the production I've had these past weeks.


Now, I'm working on this mod alone. While I've had help in the past, particularly from Mathijs, this was always "my" project. That doesn't mean that I wouldn't like help, should you be interested in helping out on any of the following:

  • Beta testing
  • Voice acting
  • Voice acting "supervisor" (writing the scripts, find voice actors, communication with them, etc.)
  • Sound design (code voice acting into the game, but also making sound effects. I can teach you to code it into the game, as it's quite easy to learn)
  • Less important for now, but I also don't mind help from:
    • Mappers
    • Coders
    • Artists (2D buttons or images, 3D models and textures, units or buildings, props, etc.)
    • Composer/musician (Rhûn and Harad scores comes to mind)

Just send me a message here on Revora, on Discord or ModDB if anything sounds interesting.


That's all for now. While I will still be posting here on Revora, feel free to join the newly created Discord server, or the mod's page on ModDB. You may even visit the mod's old website, though updating that site is not a priority.


Best regards,


Knights of a golden ship and a silver swan

Posted August 7, 2012. By Lauri

Hey everyone!

Now it's over a year since the last update, and it's been over 5 years since I started on this mod(!).
What have I got today? Remakes... Yes, damn the self criticism.. I wanted to improve those who bears the token of a golden ship and a silver swan..

Posted Image

Eranoth, the Prince of Dol Amroth, has been redone. He wears a cape, a sword and no helmet to distinguish himself from his knights.

Posted Image

And of course his Knights of Dol Amroth has been redone to fit. No, they don't come dismounted. They have been assigned to the be only cavalry unit that Gondor has, as I have been doing some pre-balance work, trying to settle the factions with a decent amount of unit types that resemble their overall theme. This means that Gondor will have infantry as their main focus again, while Rohan will be more cavalry oriented and less about infantry than they are now. Same applies for Harad and Rhun and their themes. If you visit the site, you'll see an outdated category of how it used to be.

That is all, if there's anything you wonder let me know!

Keep your eye on the horizon, I've heard reports of Haradrim gathering an army in the South...


Techtree updated

Posted August 8, 2010. By Lauri

Hey all, pardon the wall of text. It's about the changes in the techtree, so if you don't care, the sweets are at the bottom. If you care, but don't want reasons, just go to the site to see it. Thanks :)

So I come to you know with the updated techtree. The reason for this is because I've never thought about balance before, and just wanted cool stuff. Cool stuff is, without a doubt, cool, but cooler yet when they've got a purpose ;)
So now I've gotten around updating the techtree, by mostly removing units acctually. Rhûn is the only faction that made it though without a scratch, so to speak. The rest had units removed, and altered purposes. I will give each and everyone a reason to why I removed them, hopefully some of you will be sorry to see some of these units go:

So, let's take Rohan first. The only unit they got removed was the Knights of the Eastfold. The reason for this was because they're practically a duplicate of the regular Rohirrim. I really wanted to give Rohan some diversity when it comes to cavalry, but don't see many options. They're basically a horse based faction, with spam of Rohirrim Cavalry and Rohirrim Horse Archers ;) The Royal Guards are currently an Elite Infantry horde. Why there's both a mounted and unmounted one in the render for them is because the King Eothain is able to summon two battalions of Mounted Royal Guards. I am considering switching this a bit, so that Mounted Royal Guards are the Elite Cavalry unit of Rohan, and the Infantry could only be summoned by Eothain. This would give Rohan a more horse based faction apperance, and lessen infantry while gaining cavalry. At the moment, they've got 2 cavalry and 5 infantry! I'm also considering removing the Spearmen of the Westfold, since Royal Guards are better at their job, and Eastfold lost it's unit. I don't like to play favorites, so we'll see..

Harad lost the Desert Spearmen, Serpent Guard, Half-Trolls and their leader. The spearmen went because they're a fodder duplicate of Rhûn's spearmen, and I don't really like spam fodder units. Serpent Guard went because of Harad's excessive Elite units. Either the Serpent Raiders went, or the Serpent Guard. I think they should have an elite Cavalry given their vast land area ;) They had 4 elites, they've now got 1. Last are the Half-Trolls. I didn't really know anything about them, 'cept for their White eyes and red tounges. And I don't really have any neat ideas for them, so, they aren't in anymore. They'll manage fine without, and I'm already pushing my luck with the Evil Dwarves for Rhûn ;) Don't want to do something drastic here aswell. They're leader is also thus gone ;)

Gondor... heh, where to start? There's been a giant change here. First of, the Swordsmen have been replaced by the Men of Anfalas, which have basically replaced them. The Men of Lossarnach and Men-at-Arms of Dol Amroth have been completely removed, due to their "I'm a duplicate with an axe, and here's my duplicate friend with a two-handed sword" attitude, and last there's been a change with the two Guard units. They Fountain Guard have been removed completely, reason which I'll present to you in a quote:

would have remained at their posts even if Minas Tirith burned all around them

True to the story of the mod, Minas Tirith burned all around them. So they are completely removed, and the only possibility for them in-game are through King Eldaravir's summon power, which in I haven't decided yet, and if it ever get's to it (likelyhood = 1%) a campaign. The Citadel Guards have also changed from the Bow\Sword toggle unit, to basically replace the Fountain Guard role.
This lowers the Elite units of Gondor from 4 to 2. I no longer see the Ranger as en Elite unit, but rather very good archers with stealth abilities. If you can use them good, set up ambushes and the likes, they'll feel like an Elite, but I mostly use Attack Move so I can't ;)
As a last note, I'm considering if I want to replace the Archers of Minas Anor with Archers of the Blackroot\Morthond Vale or whatever. That would only be a visual change however ;) That would give Gondor the meaning of really being Gondor, and not Minas Anor with friends :p
Also, the Men of Lossarnach and Men-at-Arms of Dol Amroth may appear if I decide to swap Refugees of Rhovanion with Summon the Fiefdom or something.. Since Rohan's already got the Rhovanion one ;)

Okay, so to sum it up. I hope some are dissapointed to see some units go, 'cause if not they wouldn't really have been wanted in the first place :p
And here are some new screens of an updated and\or changed Man of Anfalas and Citadel Guard. Yes, that is a Heavy Armor skin I've made for the men of Anfalas ;)
Posted Image Posted Image

Last but not least, I've got some in-game screenshots with working Housecolor. These screens are examples of one of the units in the game that works, because far from all do ;) Please go here to vote on the issues of having them or not :)
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

And also a "close up" of a improved Royal Guards. What can I say, Kwen inspired me to fix the helmet at least :p
Posted Image

Again, please VOTE on my poll about having Housecolour on or not. It's alot of work, and I don't want to do it if nobody wants it. Thanks, and that's all for this time!


New beta released!

Posted December 19, 2008. By Lauri

Hey all!

It's time for a new beta for you all! :p
This time around, much has been done to the mod... In addition to Gondor, Rhun are considered done, which means you can do head on battles with two complete factions! For the record, I'd say that Rohan is above 60%, if not 70%! A couple of heroes and a single unit missing, that's all... Means it's playable, but lacks heroes to lead them.. but spam units and that shouldn't be a problem :D

Go here to access the download page, or click here for a direct download.

I hope you'll enjoy the beta, and I really hope you won't forget two important things about it;
Report bugs here
Suggest suggestions here

And of course, if for some reason you can't get it to work, simply post in this thread, and I'll help you as good as I can :mad2:

Anyways, that's it folks! Again, I hope you enjoy it, as it's my Christmas present to you all, even if you don't celebrate! ;)



Posted November 26, 2008. By Lauri

Hey all

I've only got a small pic for you today, and well... It's not final product, as you'll easily see on the catapult itself, but it's all you'll get in the next beta :p

Posted Image

On another hand, I've been lack motivation for a few weeks now, but that doesn't mean no beta for Christmas ;)
It's just, gonna lack a few things that I wanted to have in the beta... But now atleast Gondor and Rhun should be as complete as I can get them, and much more improved since the last beta.. And of course, Rohan's gotten quite a few new things :grin:
Uhm, no I haven't decided on the last tier one power for Rhun, so that's lacking.. :sad:

Well, that's it... After the beta I'll be taking trying to take a break... It will most likely fail, and I'll still be here every day, but not mod.. :sad: I do hope that I either get more motivation to work after a successful break, or just leave this place for good... only time will tell, but I've had a great time here though :)


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