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Knights of a golden ship and a silver swan

Posted August 7, 2012. By Lauri

Hey everyone!

Now it's over a year since the last update, and it's been over 5 years since I started on this mod(!).
What have I got today? Remakes... Yes, damn the self criticism.. I wanted to improve those who bears the token of a golden ship and a silver swan..

Posted Image

Eranoth, the Prince of Dol Amroth, has been redone. He wears a cape, a sword and no helmet to distinguish himself from his knights.

Posted Image

And of course his Knights of Dol Amroth has been redone to fit. No, they don't come dismounted. They have been assigned to the be only cavalry unit that Gondor has, as I have been doing some pre-balance work, trying to settle the factions with a decent amount of unit types that resemble their overall theme. This means that Gondor will have infantry as their main focus again, while Rohan will be more cavalry oriented and less about infantry than they are now. Same applies for Harad and Rhun and their themes. If you visit the site, you'll see an outdated category of how it used to be.

That is all, if there's anything you wonder let me know!

Keep your eye on the horizon, I've heard reports of Haradrim gathering an army in the South...


New beta released!

Posted December 19, 2008. By Lauri

Hey all!

It's time for a new beta for you all! :p
This time around, much has been done to the mod... In addition to Gondor, Rhun are considered done, which means you can do head on battles with two complete factions! For the record, I'd say that Rohan is above 60%, if not 70%! A couple of heroes and a single unit missing, that's all... Means it's playable, but lacks heroes to lead them.. but spam units and that shouldn't be a problem :D

Go here to access the download page, or click here for a direct download.

I hope you'll enjoy the beta, and I really hope you won't forget two important things about it;
Report bugs here
Suggest suggestions here

And of course, if for some reason you can't get it to work, simply post in this thread, and I'll help you as good as I can :mad2:

Anyways, that's it folks! Again, I hope you enjoy it, as it's my Christmas present to you all, even if you don't celebrate! ;)



Posted November 26, 2008. By Lauri

Hey all

I've only got a small pic for you today, and well... It's not final product, as you'll easily see on the catapult itself, but it's all you'll get in the next beta :p

Posted Image

On another hand, I've been lack motivation for a few weeks now, but that doesn't mean no beta for Christmas ;)
It's just, gonna lack a few things that I wanted to have in the beta... But now atleast Gondor and Rhun should be as complete as I can get them, and much more improved since the last beta.. And of course, Rohan's gotten quite a few new things :grin:
Uhm, no I haven't decided on the last tier one power for Rhun, so that's lacking.. :sad:

Well, that's it... After the beta I'll be taking trying to take a break... It will most likely fail, and I'll still be here every day, but not mod.. :sad: I do hope that I either get more motivation to work after a successful break, or just leave this place for good... only time will tell, but I've had a great time here though :)


Rendered Update

Posted April 29, 2007. By Lauri

Hi all, if any :unsure:

I've noticed how little activity The 4th Age has, and I want that to change :sad2: Atleast there's a few nice people :p

Anyways, to the update part. There are new renders too, not only updated :grin:

And here they are; click to get big ;)
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

That's the new ones :lol: Click >>Here<< to watch them all! Do note also, that now you can just click on their pictures in the Factions page to view their renders! :lol:

Have fun! :D


Welcome to the brand new Website

Posted April 23, 2007. By Lauri

Hi all! :xcahik_:

I'd just like to welcome you to the brand new website for The 4th Age mod!
As you can see, it's better to look at than the old and...ugly... site :p
Do take in note though, that my sites are from now on depending on PNG files, alas, their designed for Mozilla Firefox, but it will work on most browsers, except the older versions of Internet Explorer :xcahik_:

Anyways, within a few weeks the History of each faction will be ready, aswell as a new About history, or slighty edited from the one that is there now, so stay tuned for that :)
Within a week, I will update the site with new renders, and lots of screenshots, as I think this mod has been to long announced without in-game screens, or what? :xcahik_: Another news post is comming your way :p

So, post your ideas and suggestions in the forums, and feel free to make a good discussion out of it :lol:
Cya around then, and do note how many smilies I tend to use :xcahik_:


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