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The Great Gate of Minas Anor lay broken

Posted November 9, 2012. By Lauri

Hey all

I don't have a particular big update today, but here goes.

Posted Image
Veterans of Minas Anor
When the Great Gate of Minas Anor lay broken before the Host of Khôragan and the lower levels of the city burned, King Eldaravir realized the futility of further defending his City, and ordered the Captains to gather the remaining citizens and defenders of Minas Anor so that they could collectively escape across the passes of Mount Mindolluin towards the vales of Lossarnach and into Lebennin. Now, these Veterans of Minas Anor make their stand on the west bank of the Celos river, refusing to allow the land of Lebennin to fall like Minas Anor did.
They are the basic spearmen unit of Gondor. You can find other pretty nice descriptions of units by Matias here.

"The shite's blue!" you say? Well yes. I've overhauled Gondor so that pretty much all units now apply for Housecolour. And the great thing about it is that all of them look great in many variations! Even pink!
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

And for all, behold the beauty of Matias' awesome Rhûn buildings; In-game!

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Hope you enjoyed some in-game screenshots for a change!
That's it, take care!


Hasten to the battle

Posted February 9, 2008. By Lauri

Hey all, and yes... it's time for another one ;)

In these dark times we find Feothan with few remaining troops in the heat of a small scale battle, but they are heavily outnumbered...
Posted Image

As they are nearly destroyed by their enemies, refugees of Erebor comes to their aid, seeing that they can drive the enemy back, and rescue the forces of Rohan...
Posted Image Posted Image

The dwarves hasten to the battle, and manage to slay the enemy's leader, weakening their morale... Eventually the enemy flees, and a few of the rohirrim pursue some of them, letting only a handful of enemies escape, most likely to die in the wilds...

That's it for history...
Now, screenshots..
15 of 'em too!
I'll link 3 here, to explain a few things, but the rest can be found here! ;)
Posted Image
In this picture, and of all the new screens, this picture is the only one who I am Gondor... But you can only see that on the HUD, or whatever you might call it.. Where you see your heroes icons, the spellbook, the palantir and so on...
Because, everything else on that screen, is something the AI has made... Yes, everything you see on that screen, and every other screen containing something from Gondor, it's the Gondor AI who made it, which you might call a little cool, as this mod ain't only meant for online play ;)
Also, if you take a look at the mini-map... Let me explain something..
Me = Grey
My Ally = Orange
My Bottom Enemy = Yellow
My Top Enemy = Blue

Posted Image
This is the outcome of the last screen.... Well, this is mostly to show you how how unbalanced the factions seems right now, and I think they are that too... So I have some more work here :p

Posted Image
Well, only thing here is that they look like they are single units, but their not... I screwed up something when coding them, and this was the result :)
Still, they look pretty awesome as single units, which is why I wanted to show you the picture ;)

Also, you might notice on some of the pictures that there are units of the Kingdom of Gondor... Well, this means that the AI has purchased that spell in the spellbook, and taking advantage of it.... You might also see some fighting action that looks like easterlings are fighting eachother.. Well, they are doing that, as they are AI too :ohmy:

Most of the screens are pictures of what the AI is doing, with only very few pictures of my own makings... Great, isn't it? ;)

Anyways folks, that's it... There might soon come new stuff, as I have some WIPs to show, but I'd like to finish them up more first ;)


Knights of Rhûn

Posted January 14, 2008. By Lauri

Knights of the Scorcerer, step forward...

Posted ImagePosted Image

There are those who use the devastating power of twin blades...

Posted Image Posted Image
Posted Image Posted Image

and there are those who die by the blades...


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