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The Great Gate of Minas Anor lay broken

Posted November 9, 2012. By Lauri

Hey all

I don't have a particular big update today, but here goes.

Posted Image
Veterans of Minas Anor
When the Great Gate of Minas Anor lay broken before the Host of Khôragan and the lower levels of the city burned, King Eldaravir realized the futility of further defending his City, and ordered the Captains to gather the remaining citizens and defenders of Minas Anor so that they could collectively escape across the passes of Mount Mindolluin towards the vales of Lossarnach and into Lebennin. Now, these Veterans of Minas Anor make their stand on the west bank of the Celos river, refusing to allow the land of Lebennin to fall like Minas Anor did.
They are the basic spearmen unit of Gondor. You can find other pretty nice descriptions of units by Matias here.

"The shite's blue!" you say? Well yes. I've overhauled Gondor so that pretty much all units now apply for Housecolour. And the great thing about it is that all of them look great in many variations! Even pink!
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

And for all, behold the beauty of Matias' awesome Rhûn buildings; In-game!

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Hope you enjoyed some in-game screenshots for a change!
That's it, take care!


Knights of a golden ship and a silver swan

Posted August 7, 2012. By Lauri

Hey everyone!

Now it's over a year since the last update, and it's been over 5 years since I started on this mod(!).
What have I got today? Remakes... Yes, damn the self criticism.. I wanted to improve those who bears the token of a golden ship and a silver swan..

Posted Image

Eranoth, the Prince of Dol Amroth, has been redone. He wears a cape, a sword and no helmet to distinguish himself from his knights.

Posted Image

And of course his Knights of Dol Amroth has been redone to fit. No, they don't come dismounted. They have been assigned to the be only cavalry unit that Gondor has, as I have been doing some pre-balance work, trying to settle the factions with a decent amount of unit types that resemble their overall theme. This means that Gondor will have infantry as their main focus again, while Rohan will be more cavalry oriented and less about infantry than they are now. Same applies for Harad and Rhun and their themes. If you visit the site, you'll see an outdated category of how it used to be.

That is all, if there's anything you wonder let me know!

Keep your eye on the horizon, I've heard reports of Haradrim gathering an army in the South...


The Normandy Reborn

Posted May 24, 2011. By Lauri

So, what'd we got?
Work has been slow lately, and for that I apologise. I had a thought, and planned out a doable "remake" of Gondor's units. Why? Here is my reason;

The mod's story. Gondor has been invaded by forces of Rhûn, and Minas Tirith lies in ruins. King Eldaravir flees before all hope is lost. They make a new capital in Dol Amroth. Now, it only makes sense that the
biggest part of the army will come from the fiefdoms of Gondor, so that is exactly what I have done with the units list of Gondor:
I've redone it. Most changes are purely cosmetic, but you can watch the new list here.

Here are some renders of the new units of Gondor.
First, the Swordsmen of Lamedon; second, the Bowmen of Blackroot Vale; and third, the Riders of Pinnath Gelin
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Secondly, I've made some progress on Harad as well.
The Haradrim Siege Ladder. Now, I'll explain something about it. I wanted a rope ladder from the start, to have a unique one (I did get the idea from RA though). Now, this man carrying the ladder, is carrying a HUGE ladder compared to himself and everyone else. It looks ridiculous, it truly does. It looks very unbelievable. But in the end, it's all I bother to do. And I think it acctually looks good in-game, even if the ladders a little oversized. Okay, it's BIG compared to him, especially on the render! I don't give a frak, because I can't get hung up on petty details on every godsdamn thing.
Posted Image

Lastly, I have in-game screenies. I thought I had 8, but it turns out 4 of them was from the last batch, that I didn't know I had out, so you'll only get 4.
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

You can enter the site from my signature. That'll be all, dismissed.
Reference for cookie!


Rally the men of Gondor

Posted September 23, 2007. By Lauri

The war is coming, and the men of Minas Anor cannot stand against the armies of Rhûn by themself. The beacons are fired up, and all of Gondor answers...

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

The rest of the army is to be found in Minas Anor or Ithilien...

But Gondor does not stand alone... allies of the North, flees south to Rohan and Gondor, and they flee from the advancing force of Rhûn in Rhovanion...
Posted Image

But the men of Gondor has many advantages to use, and with their combined power, they hope to stand their ground against the advancing power of Rhûn...


Animation time

Posted June 30, 2007. By Lauri

Hey all, it's time for the puppet show!

Or, atleast, some animations ;) As some, or most, whatever, of you might know, I can make decent animations ;) I'm also over at RA, but my big anims lie at this mod, mainly because cahik's much better than me :p
Anyways, I have 5 anims for you to check out ;) Two for Brudhan, the (new) King of Rhûn, which also will be having a cloak, but something wasn't as it should've been in my Max file, so I hid the cloak so you could atleast get the picture ;) and also two for Khôragan, the sorcerer, and last but not least, a very old animation of ancient times, for the Gondor acher... EA sure did mess them up, but I've fixed them... slightly... :p

Posted Image Posted Image
Posted Image Posted Image
Posted Image

We also have the standard stuff, like in-game screenshots... and a new thing to show to ;)
Dunno how many catapults of Rhûn you've ever seen, but I've seen quite few... in fact, none is in my memory :p So, this is something that looks slightly like my imaginations for it ;) PS: ignore the lack of ammo ;)

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Also, I have 3 screenshots with the HUD turned on this week, to demonstrate the new Palantirs that will be in the mod. The first screen shows what Gondor and Rohan will use, and the two next pics shows what Rhûn and Harad will use, and I have to say I like the evil one... also note the Rhûnic 'Select all heroes on map' button ;) And, of course, don't bother the WK ;) He's a temp, and as soon as I get myself a picture of Gurthgul, I will get it in there ;)
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

That's almost all.... for the remaining 9 screenshots, Go here!

That's it for today then, sorry for the lack of updates in a whole month, but you know... school, a buggy 3D Max... it's tough :p
See ya'll next time, hopefully soon ;)


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