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Haradrim Faction





King Selâth

Selâth, once a great warlord of Harad, has united most of Harad to destroy the Men of the West once and for all.


Felès, Selâth's personal assassin. His skills with his daggers and bow are devastating.


Azranû, a captain of Umbar, sets sail with his corsairs to raid Gondor's coastline, harassing the men of the Southern Fiefdoms, but they also sail up the river Anduin.


Haradrim Soldiers

These are Harad's main units, and are available in large numbers for Harad. They have decent equipment, but are not on par with their allies in the East, the men of Rhûn.

Haradrim Archers

They are Harad's main archers, gathered from all of Harad, coming to wreak havoc upon the enemies before the rest of the army charges into the melee combat.


Desert Raiders

The raiders of Harad are the basic mounted units of Harad. They wield spear and shields, but not much armor otherwise. They rely on speed rather than armor.

Corsairs of Umbar

The Corsairs of Umbar are skilled with both the blade and bow, and their accuracy is higher than average, arrows deadlier than average, but they sacrifice defense for offence.

Serpent Riders

The raiders of the Serpent are the elite cavalry force of Harad. They're the most armored troops available to Harad, and they can deal massive damage when use properly.



The Hasharii are assassins employed by King Selâth to eliminate enemy leaders, in the name of the Serpent King. Extremely useful against single targets, but heavily lacking defensive capabilities.


The mumakil of Harad, feared among all living creatures, is at Harad's disposal. They are almost invulnerable to melee attacks, but can be taken down if enough archers work together.

Siege Ladder

Haradrim Siege Ladder

The siege ladder is used to scale enemy castles and walls, and they are necessary if Harad wants to successfully conquer a city with walls. Easy to transport makes them common in an army.

Umbar Guards

The Umbar Guards consist of men of Black Numenorian descend, and have joined the Haradrim Host of War against their old enemies of Gondor.



Desert Winds (1)

Slow down targeted enemy units.

??? (1)


Allies of the East (3)

Summon allies of Rhûn.

Alliance with Umbar (3)

Unlock Umbar units.

Watchtower (3)

Spawn a watchtower at target spot.

Burning Sun (6)

Stun enemy units on the entire map.

Desert March (5)

All production is faster for a short time.

??? (10)



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