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Rohan Faction


After the end of the War of the Ring, the Land of the Horse-lords prospered under the rule of King Éomer. The ravages of Isengard were swiftly mended and the populace increased. The ancient alliance with Gondor was stronger than ever, with King Éomer and King Elessar working closely together in the subduing of the remaining forces loyal to Sauron. Late in the second century of the Fourth Age, Rohan is ruled by King Éothain, a direct descendant of King Éomer, still ruling from Meduseld in Edoras. When Minas Anor is besieged by Khôragan, the Rohirrim suffer a grave defeat and are pushed back across Anórien into the Eastfold, where, with the aid of Aglarond Dwarves and an Arnorian Host on their way to Minas Anor, they manage to win a decisive victory over the pursuing hordes of Khôragan. At the same time, however, Khôragan personally fortifies the taken fort at Cair Andros, effectively disabling the Rohirrim and Men of Arnor from relieving the siege of Minas Anor, which is ultimately successful and forces the Gondorians into Lebennin and beyond. The Fallen Prince Brûdhan moves from Tharnim at the Sea of Rhûn across the Brown Lands, crossing the Anduin at the Undeeps, invading Rohan from the north. While Gondor is yet strong enough to keep Khôragan's gaze from falling on Anórien and an invasion of Rohan's eastern borders, the Rohirrim are locked in a deadly struggle to maintain their northern border.

The Rohirrim are renowned horsemen, and as such have great hosts of cavalry, known as Éored, at their disposal. Their fertile lands allow them to maintain a strong agricultural economy.



King Éothain

King Éothain, the king of Rohan. His love for the people of Rohan is great, and some say that the kings of old has come to live again in him.


Ágense, the lord of the Westfold. His armor, spear and shield is all forged and made in the Glittering caves by Durin's folk, and he is one of few Rohirrim that prefers to be heavily armored.


Feohtan, the lord of the Eastfold. He has fought many battles besides the captains of Gondor, when attacking disloyal Haradrim and Rhûnic tribes.



Èoelm, the son of a peasant, who's proven his worth among men more than once. At the age of seventeen, he was accepted into the King's Royal Guard.


Farin, the lord of Aglarond, the Glittering Caves. His hatred for Rhûn and Harad has grown big after the massacre at Erebor, and he is something to fear, especially along with his warriors.


Rohan Militia

After the War of the Ring, Éomer sent word that all men of Rohan were to be trained within the Rohirrim forces. These are the Militia, and are only mobilized if Rohan is under attack.

Rohan Archers

The archers of Rohan aren't few in numbers, but these guys prefer to fight unmounted rather than fight from a horseback, much because of their hunting days in woods.

Rohirrim Cavalry

They are Rohan's main cavalry, crushing the enemy with their steeds, but always watch out for anti-cavalry units with pikes or such. They are dangerous in large numbers.

Rohirrim Archers

They are the rohirric archers on horses, shooting from steeds, giving them an advantage against anti-cavalry at range, but lacking the defense in case they are engaged in melee combat.

Royal Guard

Rohirrim Royal Guards

The guards of the King, the best selection of troops available to Rohan. With the most training, most experience and best equipment, they will easily win against the enemy if numbers match.

Dwarves of Aglarond

Durin's folk wouldn't like to keep the enemy waiting now that Rhûn has destroyed most of Rhovanion. The Dwarves of Aglarond are tough, and will show no mercy.

Rohan Battering Ram

The basic siege equipment of Rohan, the battering ram is what the rohirrim use to batter down gates and buildings of the enemy, when there is need for it.



Heal (1)

Heal all units within a radius to full health.

Horn of Helm Hammerhand (1)

Targeted units gains a boost for a limited time.

Forth Eorlingas (3)

Grants all units a boost for a limited time.

Oath of Eorl (3)

Summon forces of Gondor.

Heroic Valor (3)

Heroes of Rohan gains +50% Armor.

Muster the Rohirrim (5)

All Cavalry units are trained 5x times faster for a limited time.

Refugees of Rhovanion (6)

Summon men and dwarves of Rhovanion.

Host of Arnor (10)

Summon a host of Arnor to Rohan's aid.


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