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Rhûnic Faction


When Sauron was utterly defeated at the end of the Third Age, the clans of Rhûn were left devastated. A civil war soon ensued between those still under the influence of Morgoth-worship and those that had turned their backs to the dark past. King Elessar soon intervenes and ends the hostilities by overwhelming the Morgoth-worshippers and installing a Gondorian prefect to help lead Rhûn into a peaceful state. In the year 122, King Eldarion, son of Elessar, travels to Rhûn and helps organize a grand gathering of Easterling clan-leaders, whom eventually come to the decision to give up parts of their autonomy to an elect the Dûrthin, a renowned wiseman and philosopher, as the First King of Rhûn. King Dûrthin is able to channel the spirit of his people into a brighter future, independent of Gondorian rule while maintaining close trade relations. Unfortunately, the roots of Morgoth's evil run deep, and after fourty years it manifests itself again in a series of mysterious events that lead to the corruption of Brûdhan, the son of Khûrthan, second King of Rhûn. Before long, the former Mouth of Sauron, now calling himself Khôragan the Necromancer emerges, and Rhûn is swept up into a second civil war that leads to the destruction of the Rhûnic Throne and the ascenscion of Khôragan as a new Dark Lord. Now, the people of Rhûn have once again fallen sway to the throes of Morgoth-worship, with only a handful of groups still resisting the New Shadow. Under the dark banner of Khôragan they march simultaneously against the Dwarves and Men of Rhovanion and the realm of Gondor, enlisting the aid of various Haradrim warlords in the process, bent on doing what Sauron had failed to do.

Rhûn is a terrifying opponent. Khôragan is at the command of hordes of heavily armored Easterlings and dreadful undead wraiths. Rhûn's strength lies in their deploying of a heavily armored, nigh-immovable front-line, pushing slowly forward while inflicting fear and doubt in the hearts of their opponents.



Khôragan the Sorcerer

Khôragan the Sorcerer, the new Dark Lord of Rhûn. Once known as the Mouth of Sauron, Khôragan is a Black Numenorean who was taught by Sauron how to greatly extend his life. After the Downfall of Sauron, he escaped and went into hiding, biding his time, forging his plans, and slowly increasing his power through meticulous study of dark artifacts and intense worship of Melkor. He has now reappeared, his dark influence sweeping across the land, uniting the clans of Rhûn under the banner of the New Shadow.

Brûdhan the Fallen

Brûdhan the Fallen, the puppet-king of Rhûn. The first to fall victim to Khôragan's corruption, which eventually led him to forsake his people and pledge his loyalty to Khôragan, providing the Dark Lord with an army with which to begin his campaign. Currently, Brûdhan is the Dark Lord's chief lieutenant, his will entirely subject to his master's bidding. He is a powerful warrior, his abilities enhanced by Khôragan's dark will.


Gurthgûl the Wraith-lord, formerly known as Dormir of Lebennin, is the first Gondorian raised from death by Khôragan's necromancy. In life, he was a fiercely loyal Captain of Gondor, in death, his loyalty is undiminished, but now pledged to his new Master.


Easterling Swordsmen

These are professional soldiers, trained and equipped by their lords, who have surrendered their forces to Khôragan. They are heavily armored, as is Rhûnic military custom, and carry large, rectangular shields and broad-bladed swords. They are the most numerous type of soldier in Rhûn's professional armies, often thought of as the backbone of Khôragan's war machine.

Easterling Pikemen

A specialized unit, equipped solely to prevent enemy cavalry from cutting into the main body of the Easterling army. They carry tall pikes and are trained to take on positions that will heavily damage oncoming cavalry.

Easterling Archers

Comparatively lightly armored, Easterling archers are an important aspect of the Easterling army. They carry large bows that can fire considerable distances, pelting the enemy from afar to weaken them before the rest of the infantry reaches them.

The Hastrûth of Rhûn

Part of the personal bodyguard of the Fallen Prince, these brutish warriors carry large axes to cleave into the ranks of their foes. They are trained to withstand great amounts of pain, and, as such, are able to inflict great amounts of damage before going down.

Easterling Cavalry

A somewhat rare sight on the battlefield, the Easterling cavalry is a specialized group of horsemen, heavily armored and fairly slow, but capable of mercilessly crushing their enemies beneath them. They are most often used to annihilate fleeing enemy soldiers.

Easterling Mounted Archers

Some members of the Easterling cavalry have trained to fire a bow from horseback, making them dangerous as raiders, harassing enemy soldiers with a volley of arrows before quickly retreating to safety.

Easterling Catapult

A basic siege weapon employed throughout Middle-earth, the catapult's sole purpose is to scatter the enemy and smash their structures.



The New Shadow (1)

Targeted units are empowered by Khôragan's Will for a limited time.

Dark Terror (1)

Targeted enemies are immobilized with fear for a limited time.

Allies of the South (3)

Summons two batallions of Harad Tribesmen.

??? (3)

Enables you to build a Tower of Sorcery. Recruits Tower-wights and Necromancers.

Host of Khand (3)

Summons three batallions of Variags of Khand.

Necromancer's Mist (6)

Slows down and weakens enemy units in targeted area.

Take From Them Everything (5)

Passive. Gain resources from killing enemies.

Wrath of the Sorcerer (14)

Deals heavy damage at targeted area.


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